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Grating cheese and packaging it for wholesalers, the food service, and industrial partners around the world: it has been our speciality for over 30 years. With the absolute asset of our passionate expertise in tailormade solutions. From the raw materials and organoleptic properties to packaging shapes and sizes.

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Pizzaiolo savings campaign 2019

This year, Kaasbrik also organizes the savings campaign on his Mozzarella Pizzaiolo.

Every customer can participate in the savings campaign when purchasing Mozzarella Pizzaiolo from Kaasbrik. The formula is well known: on the packaging of Mozzarella Pizzaiolo you will find saving points that you can exchange for beautiful prices. This savings campaign starts on Nov. 20 ’18 and runs until February 28 ’19. Different from last year is that you do not have to register in advance.

You can consult our website for more information about this campaign:

Kaasbrik organizes this year’s PIZZA’DON together with the best pizzaiolos of the previews years.

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