About us

Grating cheese and packaging it for wholesalers, the food service, and industrial partners around the world, with a strong focus on tailormade solutions. This has been part of our family company’s speciality for decades.

Smart in cheese

Whether you’re looking for the perfect cheese for your pizzas, pastas, quiches, wraps, cheese toasties, soups, etc., Kaasbrik has the necessary expertise to provide you with the right solution. That starts with the search for high-quality raw materials that also meet your technical, organoleptic, and pricing requirements. But that’s not all! Because, in addition the various slicing and grating styles, we can also offer you a wide range of packaging options.

Say cheese, worldwide

We process and package approximately 10,000 tonnes of cheese annually for our Business-to-Business customers. For example, we export our grated cheeses to more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and Middle-Eastfresh or frozen.

Certified quality

Our quality certificates prove that we always comply with the highest demands concerning hygiene, food safety, and public health. For example, we are ACS, BRC, IFS, and Halal certified. We carry out strict inspections during every phase of the production process so that everything - from raw materials to finished product - can be perfectly traced and we can guarantee food safety.

A head start thanks to innovation

Our ultra-modern machinery with far-reaching automation and our efficient quality management system add an extra boost to our ambition to be the most reliable and flexible processor of tailormade cheeses. We combine high-quality professionalism with the flexibility of a SME.

Sustainable business practices

Kaasbrik just wouldn’t be the same without our customers, employees, and suppliers. That’s why we always work to maintain sustainable, long-term relationships, based on mutual respect and trust. Moreover, we believe that sustainability also means using ecological and responsible business practices. This is why we work hard on efficient energy consumption (including measures around heat recovery and the installation of solar panels) and we restrict our waste flows to a minimum.