Grated, diced, julienne, flakes or powder! We process hard and semi-hard cheeses. In this regard, you can stipulate the organoleptic properties and functionalities with which the final product must comply, as well as the packaging shapes and sizes.

An application for every dish

Our cheese solutions not only find their way onto pizzas or into lasagnes, as gratin or into sauces and fillings, onto spaghetti and other pasta dishes; they can also be used in endless variations with sandwiches, salads, and carpaccio. This is why we focus so strongly on tailormade solutions. Because each type of cheese has its own specific characteristics and properties. Flavour, texture & stretch, colour & aroma, how it cooks, how it looks, the technical aspects, etc. You won’t find any standard products here; only cheese solutions tailored to your needs.

Hard and semi-hard cheeses

We can proudly call ourselves the Belgian market leader in grated mozzarella thanks to our own brand, Mozzarella Pizzaiolo. Furthermore, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in-house for grating and packaging, among others, Emmental, Gouda, Cheddar, and Grana type cheeses, processed cheeses, and analogues, as well as when included in specific mixes of various raw materials.

Cutting cheese is our speciality

Each type of cheese has its own specific properties. As cheese experts, we know which grating and cutting machines work best for which cheeses to ensure that it is optimally diced or grated. Moreover, we can handle any type of processing with our ultra-modern machinery, from grated, julienne, flakes, dice, matches, and powder.

Packaging big and small

We provide tailormade solutions, both in terms of cheese processing and packaging. Professional end users can choose from flow packs, large packaging from 1 to 4 kg, deep-draw or vacuum packaging, with or without a private label, packaged in cardboard or plastic case. In addition, there is also the option to package processed cheeses starting at 70 g for consumer packaging. Our application capabilities are endless and are always done according to our customers’ specifications.